MahaSati National Training 2020 Years 3 & 4 (2022 – 2023)

This training is only for those currently attending MahaSati Training 2020.
$300 non-refundable donation deposit due by August 15th.
Remainder will be requested in early 2022.

Curriculum Year 3

  • The Relationship between MahaSati and Energy
  • The Relationship between MahaSati and the Divine Abode Practices
  • The Relationship between MahaSati and Devotion
  • MahaSati Subtle Near Misses
  • MahaSati working with Strong Emotions
  • Qualities of Space and Spaciousness in MahaSati Practice
  • Ajahn Chah Teaching on MahaSati and Locationlessness/Timelessness

Curriculum Year 4

  • MahaSati Practice with the Mind In Stillness and the Mind in Motion
  • Ajahn Chah MahaSati Practice Taking the One Seat
  • Sutta Teachings on Emptiness
  • MahaSati and working with Deeper Defilement Roots
  • MahaSati working with Thoughts and Emotions
  • MahaSati With and Without Doorways
  • MahaSati and the Two Truths

Years 3 & 4 Training Will Include
1.  Seven Self-Paced Modules for Year 3 and Seven Self-Paced Modules for Year 4 (14 total) including:
–  At Home Study & Practice Materials
–  Password Protected Recordings of the teachings & guided meditations for participants only

2.  Four Optional Attendance Whole Groups Gatherings on Zoom during the Two-Year Training (2 each year)
January 2022: Intro to Years 3 – 4, plus Introductions to MahaSati Energy Practices and Divine Abode Practices from a MahaSati Perspective
Fall 2022:  MahaSati Subtle Near Misses, plus MahaSati working with Strongs Emotions & an Ajahn Chah teaching
Winter 2023 – Intro Year 4, plus Introduction to MahaSati with Mind in Stillness & in Motion, and Taking The One Seat Teaching/Practice
Fall 2023:  Closing Session, including more in depth on MahaSati in Stillness & in Motion and the Two Truths teachings

3.  A Commitment to Ten Individual Sessions with Heather per year to support & deepen meditation & daily life MahaSati practice.  Sessions are on the Phone or Zoom.

4.  One Mandatory MahaSati Residential Retreat per year, to deepen Mahasati practice.
The Annual MahaSati Retreat tailored to Our Training group will be held In Person!
Friday July 8 – Friday July 15th at Mercy Center in Auburn, CA
(fly into Sacramento).
This would be your priority retreat to participate in for 2022.
If you cannot make the dates, please talk to Heather, there is an alternative, but to know the retreat is Introduction to MahaSati in terms of the teachings/practices offered.

5.  Monthly Small Peer Group Calls/Zooms to discuss practice, study & develop community support.
**  If you would like to be placed into a new small group, or you would prefer a single Dharma Buddy for Years 3 & 4, please let Heather know that.

Financial Support Commitments for the Teacher & the Training **
Participants are asked to offer as high on the sliding scales as they can comfortably afford.  

  1.  The Two Year Training will be offered on a Donation Sliding Scale between $1100 – $2100.  This includes the 4 Zoom Events, all 14 Modules of Recordings, At Home Study & Practice materials, plus Administration support for the ongoing Training.
      –  Deposit of $300 due by August 15, 2021  
      –  Reminder due between January 5 – 30, 2022.
      –  Monthly donations available upon request for those on fixed income.

Committing Level:  An offering of $1100 is a basic support offering for Heather for the two-year training.
Sustaining Level:  An offering of $1500 or Above is a supportive offering which allows Heather increased sustainability to continue & deepen the MahaSati teachings & offerings – Thank you!
Benefactor Level:  ** An offering of above $2100 will directly support Heather to offer Scholarships to be offered to other participants who need financial support – Thank you!
Benefactee Level:  ** Please ask if you need financial support & Heather can tell you how much Scholarship money is available from gifts from the rest of the MahaSati Training community.

  1.  The Commitment to Ten Annual Individual Sessions per year with Heather are also offered on a Sliding Scale Teacher Support Model.
    ** 55 minute sessions:  $90 – $150;      30 minute sessions:  $50 – $100
    For those in financial need, we can set up a Benefactor/Benefactee anonymous system to have another person in the training offer more financial support to help support your sessions with Heather.
  2.  The Annual MahaSati Retreat is signed up for & paid for separately.
    Projected approximately $850 for the retreat to pay for the retreat center & food.
    Projected Teacher Donation Sliding Scale is $450 – $1000.

Thank you for your continued participation!



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